The Easiest Way You'll Ever See To Have Your Own Amazon Comparison Sites Online And Making you Money...

Even If You've NEVER Done This Before!

Friday, April 27th, 2018

From the desk of Barry Rodgers & Val Wilson

Let's cut to the chase... no 'blind' sales copy here.

We want to show you probably the quickest and easiest way you'll ever see to have your own fantastic looking, high converting niche comparison affiliate sites up and running, ready to earn you affiliate commissions.

Comparison sites are big business, turning billions of dollars every year -  but mostly in the bigger niches like insurance or travel. There is still a massive opportunity to make affiliate commissions by drilling down into sub niches and setting up simple comparison sites.

Simple niche comparison sites are a really easy way to make affiliate commissions for one obvious reason... at least it's obvious once you hear it.

People who visit comparison sites have
ALREADY made the decision to buy

This is HUGE.

Do not underestimate the MASSIVE difference between 'buyers' and 'browsers'. The first stage of the consumer buying process is identifying a problem and searching for information.

At this stage, the consmer has not yet decided to buy - and in many cases and for many different reasons will often decide NOT to make a purchase.

But the later stage is when the consumer has already got all the problem solving information they want, and have decided to buy.  At this point, all the non buyers have been weeded out.

Now the decision is not whether to buy, but WHAT to buy.

This makes your job as a marketer so much easier.

They just want to know which particular model or product to buy. And a product comparison site is the ideal platform to help them make their decision, click through to the vendor site and buy - and you then earn easy commissions.

You can of course create these sites yourself - it's not rocket science, the best review sites are quite simple.

But it does take one thing, one thing you probably do not have much of...

You'll need to:


  • find a profitable niche
  • drill down into profitable sub niches
  • research the best products
  • discard products with poor customer feedback
  • list all the features and benefits of your chosen products
  • write reviews
  • create review videos
  • design and create a professional looking review site
  • add a disclaimer and privacy policy...

All doable... but it takes time and perseverence.

Which is why so many people start this sort of project... but then it falls to the wayside and is never finished, meaning they never earn the commissions they deserve.

But there is an easier way...

Why not let us do all the work for you?

We have created something to make it incredibly easy for you to have your own niche comparison sites.

In fact, we've basically done it all for you.


We selected a popular sub niche on one of the biggest and most profitable affiliate platforms,

The sub niche we have chosen is Kitchen Equipment - according to leading market research firm IBIS World, the Kitchen & Cookware Stores market is worth $17 Billion annually.

This is a MASSIVE niche, where consumers are constantly spending money, for both new kitchen equipment and replacement goods.

We have researched the best selling, most popular products in this sub niche, and drilled this down to 5 products.

  • coffee grinders
  • coffee makers
  • microwaves
  • roasting pans
  • wine cellars 

Within each of these lines, we have chosen the top 3 products, based on customer reviews.

None of the products selected are cheap.

We have deliberately selected only mid to high ticket products - affiliates get paid a percentage of sales value, so by concentrating on the more expensive products (but still ones that sell) you make much higher commissions.

The minimum sales price of the products you will be promoting is $200.

Crucially, ALL the products selected have positive customer reviews - real customer reviews are the single biggest factor in the final purchase decision.

Having chosen the products, we have taken the top 3 - based on customer reviews - and created a product comparison site for each one.

As well as including the written review, we have also included 15 professional videos showcasing each product.

These are beautiful, fully mobile responsive niche comparison sites. and look absolutely amazing.

You can see a screenshot of one of the sites below - just click the image to see the live demo site.

But it gets even better...

We have set this up in a web based software so that you can add your details and affiliate links in just a few clicks. No code editing is required!

Download the files it creates, upload to your server and you have 5 of your own niche comparison sites, reviewing top selling,  high ticket products, all with positive real customer feedback, all with your own personalised privacy policy and YOUR affiliate links.

This literally takes minutes - you will NOT find an easier way to have your own commission generating affiliate comparison sites online.

Because all the products reviewed are products, you will not just earn commissions on the direct affiliate links. When customers add other products to their shopping basket, you will get commission on these too.

And on Amazon, customers DO add more to their basket... Amazon is the undisputed master of the upsell and cross sell - and the more they sell, the more you make :)

All you have to do is send traffic.

And guess what... we've got you covered there too :)

Once you have your sites up (which literally takes minutes), you'll need people to visit your sites.

There are 2 types of traffic - paid and free.

Paid is quicker, but costs money upfront. Free does not directly cost money, but does take time.

Both work, but which you go for depends on your circumstances and your personal preferences.

Either way, we have you covered for both :)


10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Cent

This premium product teaches 10 simple methods to drive free traffic that anyone can use.

These are NOT outdated methods that used to work back in the day but have long since stopped working... this has nothing to do wirth article marketing or Squidoo!

EVERY one of the 10 ways covered still works - and works well - for any website.

This is a paid product, but you are getting this FREE with your purchase of Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Essentials Pack today.


The Ultimate Paid Traffic Handbook

If you prefer speed, paid traffic may be your thing.

Paying for traffic will achieve a fast ROI over a minimal time period at a rate at which free methods just can’t compete - if you do it properly. 

Thje secret is paying for traffic that is super-targeted to the goals that you want to achieve.

This guide walks you through 6 different paid traffic methods, step by simple step - 6 of the best “actionable” paid traffic methods that savvy internet marketers use because they get results

Again, this is a paid resource, but you get it free today with Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Essentials Pack


Profitable Facebook Ads
In 7 Easy Steps

Facebook is of course one of the biggest paid traffic sources, so we are including this extra bonus.

This guide - by a renowned Facebook Marketing Expert - sets out in step by step detail how to create a profitable Facebook ad campaign, in 7 easy steps.

Including detailed instructions and screenshots, this is the perfect guide to get you started, even if you have never ran a single Facebook ad before. 

OK, so how much?

Niche review sites like this could easily sell for $27 each... that would be $135 for this package.

And that's not allowing anything for the custom made software to make it so easy to customize these sites with your affiliate links.

Or for the 3 traffic training resources, 2 of which are paid products that you are getting for FREE...

But of course we're not going to charge anything like that amount.

In fact, we are purposely keeping this affordable for ANYONE who wants to make money online, so that the people who need it most can get access without breaking the bank.

But we also want to help those who help themselves, and reward action takers - which is why we are putting this on a dimesale.

The price is incredibly low, but the sooner you buy, the less you pay.

Buy now, and you will pay just

I'm sure you'll agree, this is an incredible bargain.

Make JUST ONE sale from the 15 products reviewed and you will be straight into profit

For this silly low price, here's exactly what you get.

  • DFY Niche Research with all the work done to select a profitable niche and drill down into profitable sub niches
  • DFY Product Research into the best products, selecting 15 top products all selling for over $200 (meaning bigger commissions for you), and all with positive customer feedback
  • 15 DFY reviews, with listings of all the features and benefits of the top chosen products
  • 15 DFY professional review videos, one for each product reviewed
  • 5 DFY niche comparison sites, each with a beautiful, professional design, 3 full product reviews, 3 review videos, and an Amazon disclaimer & privacy page
  • All this set up in a web based software, so you can add your affiliate links and create your sites in just a few clicks - ZERO coding required
  • Free Traffic Training - 10 ways to get free traffic to any site
  • Paid Traffic Training - step by step training on 6 of the best paid traffic sources 
  • Facebook Ads Training - how to have a profitable campaign in just 7 steps

Our Guarantee...

If for any reason you cannot use our software and get your niche sites up and running as promised, just put in a support ticket to our help desk. If we cannot fix your problem we will issue a full refund without question. All we ask is that you let us try.

Due to the nature of the product, we are not offering an unconditional money back guarantee in this case. As much as this saddens us, the truth is there are those for whom the temptation to run the software, upload the sites, then immediately demand a refund would be just too great.

You know what the sites are like, you know exactly what you are getting before you buy.

But if you let us know about any issues you have within 30 days and we cannot fix them to your satisfaction, we will issue a 100% refund.

We have deliberately chosen Amazon as the platform to base these niche comparison sites on.

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making money online right away. The site itself is obviously extremely popular, with very high consumer trust, and it and sells almost everything under the sun. 

And as an Amazon affiliate, you will not just earn commissions on your direct affiliate links. When customers add other products to their shopping basket, you will get commission on these too. 

The key factor that determines how much money you make is choosing the right products to sell 

  • Products that pay the BEST Commissions
  • Products that are TOP Sellers
  • Products with GREAT Reviews 

Our Easy Comparison Sites Kitchen Essentials Pack does all this for you..,. and MUCH more.

We did the research, created reviews, created a professional showcasing video for each product and put it all together on FIVE stunning mobile responsive comparison sites.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get 5 beautiful Niche Comparison Sites, all set up in a web based software that makes personalizing them to you SO easy, it's incredible... 

... at a fraction of the price you really should be paying.

Don't miss this opportunity. Jump on board now before the price rises.

Speak soon,


Barry Rodgers & Val Wilson

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